Difficulty: n/a
Programming Language: C++

C++ is a general purpose programming language, primarily used today for developing desktop applications and services, as well as embedded systems development.

The language was first released in 1983, originally designed by Bjarne Stroustrup and has been maintained by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) since 1998.

At the time of this article the latest standard is C++17 (released 2017) with next revision of C++ to be released in 2020.


C++ is one of the most flexible languages available to developers, boasting both high level object oriented programming and low level memory access.

The versatility of the language allows it to be used in a wide variety of applications, most notably Qt Creator, Unreal Engine and the Arduino Studio all use C++ as their language of choice for development environments.


While the core language offers a rich feature set for structuring an application, the standard libraries tend to not offer as many tools when compared to newer languages, that aid in modern application development.

This drawback has been greatly improved in since 2011 with the C++11, 14 and 17 standards releases and will most likely continue this trend in future, gradually removing the primary disadvantage of C++ when compared to languages such as Python, C# and Java.